I am a social media enthusiast with a passion for pushing boundaries, meshing profession and creative expression, and utilizing my experiential understanding of strategic social media use to create meaningful content.

You can often find me painting my favourite hiphop artist, photographing and subsequently inhaling delicious grub, or daydreaming about my next adventure over an iced americano. 

I thrive off of the idea of creating content, for profession and pastime, that does more than increase conversion rates and tell superficial stories. I love to create things that feel real, things that elicit tangible emotions. 

I like my avocados smashed with truffle salt, my lipstick bright, and my music to be of the smooth R & B variety. I believe that problems, whether in business or day-to-day life, are just opportunities to create meaningful changes. 


My experience working in the hospitality industry has ignited my love for food photography and my drive to make people's mouths water (digitally, that is... I'm not the best cook).



I constantly draw inspiration from the people and brands around me, and partnering with them to tell their stories is just the cherry on top.



I believe content creation doesn't (and shouldnt) have to be limited to marketing purposes. I use it as a form of personal memory-making, and love helping others do so too. 


Photography & Videography

My current dream team consists of a  Canon 80D, Adobe Photoshop, and a highly active imagination. I'm always looking for new muses, different tools to expand my expertise, and new ways to push my boundaries.


       The Story Behind The Lens

I think an Instagram post needs more than the capacity to convert - great content is just a side effect of an even greater story. And people are behind every great story.